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Why Us

Because of our tool concepts, we can offer competitive prices, while promising short delivery times. As a sub-supplier, we are aware of our responsibility to our customers, and for this reason, we would like our consultants and know-how available in all phases - from concept to final product.


PHONE: +45 54 16 25 00
FAX: +45 54 60 55 87

2K Moulding

Asicomo A/S has many years of experience in the production of 2K-moulding (Silicone/Plastic – Silicone/Metal)

We are able to handle projects from the first prototype to large/mass volumes in the millions with fully automated production for true 2K moulding. Today, we have two 2K (plastic/silicone) fully electric moulding machines.

Also, we have several false 2K (plastic/silicone) production lines, either with manual or robotic inserting of the plastic or metal parts into a 1K silicone injection mould where we over-mould the part with silicone rubber.

Our close collaboration from mould concept to production ensures customer satisfaction and continuous progress making Asicomo A/S competitive.

Regoform A/S is able to assist in development and give advice about product design.

Regoform A/S is also a part of Rego Silicones Group.

Our raw material Suppliers

We are always on the lookout for competent partners.
Click on the link below and see our raw material suppliers.

Asicomo Raw material Suppliers

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