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Why Us

Because of our tool concepts, we can offer competitive prices, while promising short delivery times. As a sub-supplier, we are aware of our responsibility to our customers, and for this reason, we would like our consultants and know-how available in all phases - from concept to final product.


PHONE: +45 54 16 25 00
FAX: +45 54 60 55 87



By vulcanising, we can also offer joint o-rings, tubes, or profiles with single or twin-component adhesives. We can supply round, rectangular or irregular sections, with or without different combinations of metal or plastic components.

Inflatable seal2
Inflatable seal

To obtain the desired level of sealing, in some cases, it requires inflation with air at above or below atmospheric pressure. We supply according to your specifications with tubes or valves as inlet or outlet nozzles. Major users are the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries with applications in hotboxes autoclaves, incubators, etc.

die-cut gaskets
Die-cut gaskets

We supply according to your requirements: heat insulating, heat conducting, sponge rubber, electrically conductive, electrically insulating, oil resistant, in various medical and food-industry approved qualities. The shapes can be round, rectangular or other shapes.

Our raw material Suppliers

We are always on the lookout for competent partners.
Click on the link below and see our raw material suppliers.

Asicomo Raw material Suppliers

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