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Why Us

Because of our tool concepts, we can offer competitive prices, while promising short delivery times. As a sub-supplier, we are aware of our responsibility to our customers, and for this reason, we would like our consultants and know-how available in all phases - from concept to final product.


PHONE: +45 54 16 25 00
FAX: +45 54 60 55 87

Healthcare/ Medical Device

LSR (liquid silicone rubber) is described as the “medical material”

Silicone rubber is beneficial because of its high biocompatibility, almost lack of odor, inorganic hypoallergenic nature and high thermal stability. LSR (liquid silicone rubber) is described as the “medical material”. It is extremely popular within the industries because of its unique specific properties. The use of LSR is driven by new applications and expanding markets. It is used to manufacture seals, plungers and parts in medical devices.

Our raw material Suppliers

We are always on the lookout for competent partners.
Click on the link below and see our raw material suppliers.

Asicomo Raw material Suppliers
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