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Why Us

Because of our tool concepts, we can offer competitive prices, while promising short delivery times. As a sub-supplier, we are aware of our responsibility to our customers, and for this reason, we would like our consultants and know-how available in all phases - from concept to final product.


PHONE: +45 54 16 25 00
FAX: +45 54 60 55 87

Extruded Silicone Rubber

With almost 40 years of experience in extrusion of silicone rubber, Asicomo is the perfect partner for our customers

 We provide in-house tooling and mixing of raw material that helps with manufacturing and delivering faster. We are able to accommodate any shape, size and quality based on the wishes of our customers. We supply tubes, profiles, sleeves and gaskets.

Asicomo supplies special qualities, for example high temperature application and special elastmechanical properties tailored to our customers’ product needs.

Silicone profiles are applied within the industry for sealing and absorption of vibrations.

Asicomo offers you extruded silicone tubes, up to diameter 240mm, fitted to the individual equipments with close tolerances both on diameter and wall-thickness.


Asicomo can offer vulcanising  join together o-rings, tubes, or profiles with single or twin-component adhesives.


Standard colours are light grey and red brown: Both these colours are available in B.G.V.V. (now BfR) and FDA approved qualities for food-contact usage. For other colours, please consult our Extrusion colour list.


Our standard length of coils is 25 meters (~ 82 feet). For alternatives, please contact us.

Download the data sheet and overview


Standard Tubes –  Regosil 110/60

Our raw material Suppliers

We are always on the lookout for competent partners.
Click on the link below and see our raw material suppliers.

Asicomo Raw material Suppliers

Special tubes

We produce tools for special tubes. We can also provide silicone rubber tubes in many other qualities which includes for food and medical.


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